Understanding the Subdivision of Land Application Process (Part 2)

This week we conclude our subdivision series by outlining the main steps that one should follow when applying for individual titles from the National Land Agency (NLA).

The steps are as follows:

  1. Once the subdivision has been approved by the relevant Municipal Corporation, the applicant should apply for the Deposited Plan number. This is the number that is assigned to the subdivision plan. The following documents are required to be submitted to the National Land Agency: a certified copy of the Resolution by the Municipal Corporation, the pre-checked plan depicting the lots in the subdivision, a Statutory Declaration by the Land Surveyor verifying the accuracy of the pre-checked plan and that the lots and roadways have been marked out on the ground. The Deposited Plan takes approximately eighteen (18) business days to be processed. The applicant will be notified of the deposited plan number which will be assigned to the pre-checked plan.
  2. Secondly, an application form for surrender of the Duplicate Certificate of Title must be submitted to the NLA along with the registration fees. These fees are assessed based on the market value for each individual lot. The application form must describe the property and state the value of the lots as well as the number of titles to be issued. The deposited plan number and date of deposit should also be stated. The application is lodged and assessed by the NLA and where the documents are found to be in order, NLA will process the application and issue individual titles for each lot.

The entire process can be onerous and it is imperative that you engage the services of professionals to assist with your subdivision application.

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