Do Not Violate the Public Peace: Get Your Permit

Whether you are planning a ‘round robin’, beach party or a nine-night, a permit is required to host the event. Section 5 of the Noise Abatement Act sates that “where a person intends to operate any specified equipment to provide music for dancing or any other form of entertainment in a public place in circumstances where such music is reasonably capable of disturbing any person occupying or residing in any private premises, such person shall make a written application…” This application for permission to host any event should be submitted at least 10 clear days prior to the event being held.

Depending on the event, permits are required from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaica Fire Brigade, Parish Council and the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). In order to get a permit from the Jamaica Fire Brigade, the following must be provided: a floor plan of the venue, when the event will be held, where the event will be held and emergency exit options. There is a processing fee of Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00) and based on the assessment, some promoters may also need fire safety monitors at some of these events and that will attract a separate cost.

The application to the Jamaica Constabulary Force is made to the Superintendent or Senior Police Officer in charge of the parish or division in which the event will be held. The application should outline the nature of the event, the number of people expected to be at the event as well as the target audience. The JCF will take seven days to assess the documents, inspect the venue and will then advise if the permit is granted.

Other permits include a temporary Spirit License from the Parish Council and the Jamaica Music Society.

In the event that the permit has not been granted you may appeal within seven days after refusal to the Commissioner of Police accurately outlining why the decision is being contested.

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