Jamaica New Marijuana Law: What You Should Know

The Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act 2015 has not yet come into effect, but when it does please be mindful that the use of, possession of, and taking steps to import/export Marijuana is strictly regulated. Know the law and prevent the tarnishing of your criminal record, or the sanction of fines.


Possession of 2 ounces or less is no longer a criminal offence, which means that you should not be arrested for it. However, a police may issue a ticket for having this amount similar to a traffic ticket and the person has 30 days to pay JMD $500.00 at the Tax Office. It would appear that the criteria for a ticket is possession of the drug, so in order to avoid a sanction, then it would be safe to say that you still should not be found with marijuana, as a police officer can ticket at their discretion. If you are given a ticket and fail to pay, then the offender will be mandated to go to Petty Sessions court and will either be ordered to do community service or pay a fine $2,000.00. Failure to pay will result in a recording of the offence on a person’s criminal record.

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