Whether you are buying or selling a home, looking to register your property or leasing your premises, we can and will take care of all of your legal needs. Our practice areas include: Rental/ Leases Agreement for Sale Estates and developments  Business sales and purchases Mortgages Boundary rectification  Registration of land Transfer of ownership

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Civil Litigation

At Balcostics Law, our personal dedication to getting you the compensation you deserve is second to none. Landlord/tenant disputes  Personal injury claims  Intellectual property disputes Medical malpractice claims Real estate lawsuits  Workers’ compensation claims  Personal Injury is that body of law that deals with the issue of liability and compensation where one is injured as a result…

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You’re here because you – or someone close to you – are going through what can be one of life’s most stressful events. Whether it’s divorce, custody, separation or support issues, we’re here to help.

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Probate and Administration

Preparation of Wills and Trust Instruments Preparation of documentation leading to the grant of probate or administration Probate is the legal process used to carry out a person’s will after their death; a probate attorney advises you on how to perform the steps in the process. In general, once you have identified and collected the…

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2 thoughts on “Practice Areas

  1. Question…
    To Whom It May Concern:

    My husband’s family has a piece of commercial land in Negril that he does not own nor can he nor I get a title for it because it’s a commercial piece right by the road across the sea.

    However, the oldest brother has a mother-title for the entire property and taxes are paid up but still not able to distribute the title individually to people who they have allowed to build on their property because the infrastructure has not been completed so the family is owed the remaining half of the money by everyone when the infrastructure is finished.

    Now, the piece of commercial land that my husband is building his villa on that we can’t get a title for, since we are married and he’s doing this during the marriage and again we can’t get a title but it’s his family’s land and God forbids if anything happens to my husband, can his family take the villa away from me and tell me don’t come back on their land? Can they, in other words, take over the villa even though it was built during the marriage? Do I have any rights by law via the marriage? What are my rights being his wife even though there’s no title? Can the family, literally stop me from coming onto their property that was built during the marriage and with martial money? Is there such a document provided that he and I could sign that protects people like me in these situations?

    Thank you.


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